Kumari Debenture 2089- Kumari Bank Issue 30 Lakhs Units

Kumari Debenture 2089- Kumari Bank Issue 30 Lakhs Units

Kumari Bank Limited (KBL) is planning to issue a debenture “Kumari Debenture 2089”. Moreover, Kumari Bank has appointed Siddhartha Capital Limited as the issue manager and both the parties have reached an agreement in this regard.

As per our sources, the agreement was signed by Navin Muni Bajracharya, who is a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of kumari bank, and Chief Operating Officer (COO) Sandeep Karki of Siddhartha Capital.

However, the back is yet to submit an application to the Securities Board of Nepal. After the permission of the SEBON, they can float their debenture to the general public.

In case of its approval, the bank is going to float 30 lakh units of the debenture to the general public with a face value of Rs 1000. As per sources. the debenture will provide an annual interest of 11 percent to its investors. The debenture will be matured at the end of 2089. Hence we can say that the maturity period of the debenture is 10 years.

Kumari Bank Limited Previous Debenture

Previously, the bank float its debenture named 10.25% Kumari Bank Debenture 2086. It was symbolized as KBLD86, whose price is 979 as of May 2. You Can View Its detail Here.

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