How To Get Debit Card In Nepal?

How To Get Debit Card In Nepal? – Guide

A debit card is a payment card that deducts money directly from a consumer’s account whenever the card is used. It is also called bank cards or check cards. They can be used to buy goods and services or cash from an ATM. So

How To Get Debit Card In Nepal?

Procedure to apply for Debit Card In Nepal:-

  • The first step is to collect the “Debit Card Application Form” from any branches of the bank you choose or download the application form available online. Let’s take the example of Nepal Bank. You can visit the Nepal Bank web portal and get to the Application form.
  • The second step is to fill up the information which includes personal details, card details, and term and condition page.
  • Next, Print it out.
  • Lastly, submit your form to the accounting holding branch.

Eligibility To Apply For Debit Card

Any individuals or organizations, holding accounts (Current Account, Saving account ) at any branch of the bank are eligible to receive Debit Card. New opening customers can apply at the time of opening of the account itself, however, the existing account holders can apply for the card at any time.

Services Offered By Debit Card

  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Balance Inquiry
  • POS transaction
  • PIN Change

How To Use Debit Cards?

  • When you are given a Debit card by the bank you could tear up the PIN mailer, where you could see the four-digit PIN number inside the folded PIN Mailer.
  • Second, activate your card changing PIN provided by the bank with your own from any ATM of your concerned bank.
  • For making payment via Debit card instead of paying in cash you can give the card to store staff, they will swipe the card at POS devices and press payments amount. It is required, to enter the PIN also. Then two receipts with get printed one for you and the other for the merchant.
  • How to Use Card at ATM? Don’t know read carefully. Insert your Debit card into the card reader. Then enter the four-digit PIN number. Select either the Fast Cash or Withdrawal option to draw cash out of the ATM. Now type your desired amount. Lastly make sure to take your Debit Card, cash, and receipt with you.
  • Besides this, if your card is lost, you can immediately contact the bank and block further usage of the Card. You can receive a Replacement Card against that Blocked card by contacting and applying for a replacement.

Transaction Limit

The transaction limit varies from bank to bank in Nepal. So here is the comparison between the two banks in Nepal:-

Product TypeTransaction TypeParticularsPer TransactionPer DayPer Month
Debit Card (Siddhartha Bank)ATMTransaction in NepalRs 25,000Rs 100,000Rs 400,000
POSTransaction in NepalRs 160,000Rs 160,000Rs 800,000
ECOMTransaction in NepalRs 200,000Rs 320,000Rs 500,000
POS and ATMTransaction in NepalRs 320,000Rs 500,000
Debit Card (Everest Bank)ATMTransaction in NepalRs 25,000Rs 75,000Rs750,000
POSTransaction in NepalRs 100,000Rs 100,000Rs 400,000
Transaction Limit of Siddharth and Everest Bank in Credit Card

Card Service Fees

Card Service Fees vary from bank to bank in Nepal. The card services fees of Everest bank are shown below:-

  • Card Issuance Fee:- Rs 250
  • Card Replacement Fee: Rs 250
  • Card Re-Issuance Fee: Rs 250
  • ATM Transaction Fee: Rs 250
  • PIN Re-Generation Fee: Rs 100

Likewise, the Card fees of Ratriya Banijya Bank are shown below:-

  • Joining Fee: Rs 250
  • Annual Fee: Rs 250
  • Reissue Fee for Clients: Rs 300
  • Urgent New Card: Rs 500

Hope this post helps you throughout the process of taking the debit card and its proper usage including all the details of Procedure, Eligibility, Services, Fees, Transaction Limit and so on.

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