Dollar Card In Nepal

Dollar Card In Nepal- Complete Guide

Dollar Card In Nepal- A plastic card with a designated PIN is assigned to allow the customers to perform transactions through ATM and POS terminals known as a dollar card. Lots of people are whether how to get a dollar card in Nepal. So here it is. In this article, we gonna be covering everything you need to know about the prepaid dollar card.

Which banks provide pre-paid dollar cards in Nepal?

Some of the commercial banks which are categorized A or B by NRB gave began issuing the dollar card in Nepal. As of now, the service is provided by 11 banks:-

S.N.Bank Name
1Nepal Investment Bank
2Siddhartha Bank
3Mahalaxmi Bikas Bank
4Nabil Bank
5NMB Bank
6Prabhu Bank
7Kumari Bank
8Himalayan Bank
9Global IME Bank
11Siddhartha Bank
Banks providing Prepaid Dollar Card in Nepal

How Long Does It Take To Get Prepaid Dollar Card?

You can get the dollar card instantly in case of urgency, but the thing is your name is not written on the dollar card.

However, the individuals who want their name on the card should wait for 4-5 working days.

How can I obtain pre-paid dollar cards?

Here are some steps to be followed to obtain pre-paid dollar card in Nepal:-

  • You need to fill up the form for the Prepaid dollar card from the bank you have an account (Note: The bank must have the authority to issue a prepaid dollar card. If your bank doesn’t have authority open a bank account in the bank where they provide the service of prepaid dollar card).
  • Also, you need to provide details of your PAN and other required information.
  • Finally, your dollar account will be opened after the paperwork is finished.

Eligibility- Who Can Get a Prepaid Dollar Card?

All existing/ new individuals customer painting Local Currency/Foreign Currency accounts with Nabil Bank. Also, update KYC and PAN details are required.

Required Documents

Applicants need to hold NPR accounts to be eligible for this service. Some of the documents include:-

  • KYC (If not submitted previously to the concerned bank)
  • PAN number
  • A declaration stating (Individual should not have availed of the facility from any other banks).

Costs related to issuance and maintenance charges vary from bank to bank as per their Schedule of Service Charges.

Key Features Of Prepaid Dollar Card

  • Card Issued in USD Currency.
  • The US $500 per annum
  • Enhanced Security while shopping online with the go e-secure Digital security system.
  • Real-Time Card Deactivation/ Activation.
  • Validity – 4 years time period.
  • Transaction Alerts via SMS and email.
  • Customers can easily top up anytime within the validity.

Limit for Prepaid Dollar Card In Nepal

The limit varies from bank to bank in Nepal. Let’s discuss the transaction limit set by the NIC ASIA bank:-

NoLimit TypePer Transaction LimitPer Day LimitPer Month/ Year Limit
Limit for Prepaid Dollar Card In Nepal

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